About Us

Who is Mela Mochi?

Hi, I’m Quinn! Welcome to Mela Mochi! Now you may be wondering what that means. Well, Mela Mochi is inspired by my dear creator’s 3 cats: Mellow, Kaiba, and Mochi. However, she is also inspired by her own Melanin. And thus, Mela Mochi was born.
Mela Mochi is a company fueled by representation of nostalgic and contemporary nerd culture and its intersections with Black nerd culture. We champion opportunities for underrepresented communities, and the artists within them, to connect with beloved characters through art and various paraphernalia curated for diverse audiences. Our company strives to maintain an influential online presence dedicated to creating a safe, healthy, and supportive space for the intersections of all nerds. 

Chainsaw Man collection