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Mela Mochi

Illustrious 7 Heliodor Print

Illustrious 7 Heliodor Print

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Heliodor the wanted criminal—enemy to the Holy Order of JaSho—and wielder of a stolen art of transformation. The holy cult reveled in the secrecy of their ways and the scrutiny of their recruitment of acolytes. Heliodor was young when he joined the order, but was enchanted by the hidden knowledge and arts withheld from the people. The Holy Order of JaSho thrived on the control of knowledge; Heliodor was seduced by it—and he believed in giving it to the people. Having found the lost art of matter transmutation, he fled the capitol vowing to tear down the order. Though his grasp of the stolen arts was formidable, the reach of the cult of JaSho was nigh impervious nestled in the shadows of Apocrypha Rey, even to the most powerful of governments—more or less, one man. 


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