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Mela Mochi

Illustrious 7 Squad Leader Bort Print

Illustrious 7 Squad Leader Bort Print

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Second lieutenant to the army of Draconia, Bort was 3rd greatest warrior in the kingdom, but the wisest strategist. His leadership and influence contributed to the continued rule of the 3 False Gods of Draconia’s Empire until he encountered the resistance. The Draconia Empire, while long reigning, was adamantly opposed for decades by an underground military force by the name of Dissentia. The Draconia army raided the resistance after a scout infiltrated their ranks. They massacred the entire encampment, save for 2 children: Ruby and Rutile. Bort, honorable as a warrior, spared the children, but the general was not as honorable. Bort, took up arms against the head general to protect the children, but she wounded him in his narrow escape to the outskirts of the kingdom with the children in tow. As he bled out at the edge of a river, Ruby and Rutile placed their hands over his wounds, stitching each fiber of his flesh back together. 

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