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Mela Mochi

Rising Rose Quartz Print

Rising Rose Quartz Print

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The power of the oracles was coveted by the other 4 kingdoms. Their divinations, however, rarely touched the edges of the unknown—they hardly touched the edge of Celestia. Much like the cult of JaSho, the clan of the oracles dabbled in coveting knowledge and barring it from the people over whom they ruled. They once held the power to divine the deepest reaches of space and time, but as their clan ascended to power the gift drifted further into oblivion. That is, until the birth of Rising Rose Quartz. Her powers were of prophecy—even amongst the oracles—and her mind was unfettered by her elders. She saw too much of the universe to want to stay in their clutches. That is when fate led her to meet Euclase.


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